While this is slightly more script heavy, it should reduce the cases of players being stuck with un-updated content due to it being currently 3D loaded (which the script can't move) and having no way to resolve it other than uninstalling and trying again. AMQ: A door has been added to seal the back horse-shoe away from the semi-public area, adding a layer of privacy to the sleeping and dressing areas. ), Fixed the installer to recognize the No Player Homes version of Project Optimization (Thanks, kitten1 and DarthPinktees). It could cause him to vanish if you made him Arch Mage via Choose Your Own Arch Mage. Winterhold is located on the northeast corner of Skyrim. Notes []. Reorganized some sections in alphabetical order. For a male PC, that would be different of course. - Added optimization volumes and portals to the four dormatory halls for a slight performance boost. The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account. The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account. Loading doors between the three cells of the great tower have been replaced with a spiraling staircase with auto-doors, similar to those used by caverns, but custom-designed for this mod. Winterhold Crash - posted in Skyrim Special Edition Discussion: Alright. (1.4.06) Removed all edits to the original College NPCs. - CRF: Moved a drum so that Tolfdir's alembic doesn't collide with it when it spawns. For the interior and exterior, there's the Magical College of Winterhold and then you have College Days to expand upon the idea of it being a college. Added Frostfall support so players can stop freezing on the College grounds. Fixed the ACE Patch to correctly place the Arch-Mage's hood on the mannequin. (Thanks Yinkle!). Removed accidental edits to the records to Savos, Brelyna, and Urag, which were done in 1.5.02. Otherwise, it could be broken forever. Housecarl for Winterhold/No need to buy a house for Thaneship - posted in Skyrim Mod Requests: This is a two parter, A mod that adds just a housecarl for Winterhold. This feature will also tell you if that NPC is dead, or "location unknown," for story reasons (or if they're from a mod you don't have installed). Arcanaeum: A visit to the Arcanaeum has been added to the schedules of many NPCs, with many new idles and animations added to the slightly more spacious chamber. The mod allows the Dragonborn to help with the rebuilding of Winterhold. AMQ: Variation 6: A cluttery archive gives you a chance to squirrel away dangerous or coveted artifacts, or merely hoard every little thing you've found. vanilla winterhold looks better than all of these other mods albiet if only the buildings weren't ruined. The script which handles resetting persistent entityRefs to their editor location, which is required to support games in progress or upgrading from 1.4, has been moved from the update script, which runs only once, to the set dressing manager script, which runs every time you enter the college courtyard. (with 2 beds ), Multiple adoption support (up to 4 kids)  - you need to download. Created an entirely new version of the Immersive College NPCs integration patch to fit ICNs' version 1.1 release. @aravis7 is the creator and this converted was uploaded with his express permission so that I can share it with you all! ), - Added two alchemy cabients and some satchels, - Added a weapons/staffs rack with two slots; mounted one existing staff and created a second, - Added a crossed-weapons with shield plaque; mounted two staffs and a shield, - Added a second dagger case with a second dagger, - Properly placed the dwarven dagger into the dagger case rather than just laying loose inside of it, - Added two weapon plaques; mounted a sword on each, - Locked the safe, and many of the other chests and cases (Arch-Mage's Key), - Added four bookcases which will contain random books (no respawn), - Set all interactive book shelves to not activate until the player is Arch-Mage, - Added clutter to interactive bookshelves that is disabled when shelves are activated, - Major revisions to the lighting so that all of the new displays are properly illuminated, - Added a map marker to the Arch-Mage's roof allowing easy access once you're Arch-Mage, - All bedrooms have now been modified to match the style of the new areas, - Some bedrooms which had already beed revised have been further tweaked, - Removed most sacks and barrels from most bedrooms, - Reduced the quantity of food, flateware, and alchohol clutter, - Removed all loose change from everywhere, in many cases replacing it with strongboxes or coin purses, - Added bookcases and shelves, and many loose books (and even more with the Lost Library patch), - Added desks with various scolarly items, - Removed many floor-standing horn candle holders and replace them with smaller candlesticks, - Resized many pelts so they no longer clip through furniture legs, - Removed the random household junk from the player room's chest, - Revised all of the entry lobbys and some of the stair lobbys. Additionally, some non-candle meshes that use the same materials have been updated to better use Rudy's modified cube maps and are included in the above optional add-on. It takes you on a quest to help Avis, the new town carpenter, rebuild Winterhold. "This mod enables true 3D sound for Skyrim SE by using a so called HRTF to simulate binaural hearing using normal stereo headphones. The bright-or-dark window transition has been redone to run on a schedule which is only active if the player is at the college. I personally checked compatibility with The People Of Skyrim Complete SSE, it works with no issues , but you'll need to disable via console few trees near Windyridge. It can be mods that improve the look of the place, it can be mods that add more to the faction, it can be mods that activate unactivated content, either way I'd like mods to make the factions a bit more exciting or fresh. I am looking at using a mod to overhaul the College of Winterhold. Mods covered in this video:1. The new apprentice who moves in at the completion of the questline now takes Ancano's old room rather than yours. Various fixes were done to the patches for Snazzy Furniture, Morrowloot, and M'rissi to support an esm flagged OCW plugin. The stairway scripting has been modified. Reduced the papyrus log spam by commenting out the vast majority of debug traces. Changed the way the aliases are filled to receive the sparing specter spectator AI package to use the features of the Alias system rather than forcing it through triggers and papyrus. This will ensure the edited NPCs' faces are error free in cases of conflicting face mods. For the mod to work with a male PC, I would probably need to create an entirely new set of comments. Winterhold Rebuild is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Added some new occlusion planes to replace the removed room markers. :). Yeah, Immersive College of Winterhold is one of the only mods out there that has some issues if you try to port it which is beyond weird for a mod of its nature. from 1.5.00 has been stripped out and replaced with a totally new version. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim > General Discussions > Topic Details. You can see my errors in all of their glory here on the nexus. The only problem is that I am not sure which to go with, as they both look great! Corrected yet another issue with the fomod installer. (1.4.06) Integrated new imagesspace data into College interior cells, which was previously released as part of a test patch. ), Convert the Lost Library patch into a Legacy of the Dragonborn patch (Thanks for the tip on this, sirjesto! Updated Shiva's Beautification of Unique NPCs Patch for version 1.4. This mod is an expansion and overhaul for the College of Winterhold, including two new towers, a re-imagined Arcanaeum and Hall of the Elements, revised set dressing and clutter in many areas, changes that appear over time, door signs to assist with navigation, support for many other mods, and not a trace of hay. I hope I didn't forget the patch for Solitude Temple Frescoes - Complete (No Frescoes) ESL. Corrected another issue with the fomod installer. Extra thanks to Mur4s4me for testing this version. No changes were made to the patch, but the installer has been updated to reflect this. Fixed a typo in Nelacar's room sign. Thank you for bringing the conflict to my attention, maximkovalenko! Updated patches for Snazzy Furniture, M'rissi, iNeed, ELFX, Enlightend College, College Modifications, and WACCF, either to resolve new conflicts or to fix conflicts I had missed before. This manager will also update as needed when loading from either a Vanilla or OCW 1.4 save-game to make sure nothing's out of place. Modified some data in the ICNs patch to better support installing the patch after OCW has already been loaded into your save game. The additional content added to the end of the questline (Staff/Eye of Magnus) has been removed and rebuilt from scratch with significant improvements as a standalone mod, "A College Coup" - part of Misc. The set dressing of the old rooms of the newly appointed Arch-Mage is a bit less sparse than 1.5, to make them more inviting for potential guests. All the skin textures have been individually custom layered, using Fair Skin Complexion as a base. All rights reserved. It will cost you 5000 gold. for LE. Arcanaeum: A selection of books from the Lost Library (via Book Covers Skyrim Lost Library or Legacy of the Dragonborn) are also present in the private collection, with a provided patch. Investigate, ... A nice little mod and in the right area as Winterhold is a bit short on accomodation if you want to avoid the College. (Thanks, Filterfeed!). About this mod. The redundant stoppage of MGR20/B has been removed from the OCW Manager's per-cell-change checks, as it was a bit overkill, and if there was a chance it could run before the main "Disable MGR20/B script" did its thing, the objectives could become stuck in your journal. Data for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Item Distribution ( patch by CptMcSplody, Thanks run! Tested all of new clutter items fill the spaces with signs of study and bustle ) with music settings the... Now the main winterhold se mod activated before it 's really a game changer for sparring... Of 1.4 's changes about the missing collision to the Investigator 's key it. Amq: all vanilla scripted scenes have been running around Skyrim modding it and having fun so far until came... Somehow never included with the basket of quills in the BSA archive so can... Flagged her bed as persistent able to get the current Arch-Mage no your! Older save games quality Boot up your mod manager of choice because Skyrim SE committed inWinterholdHold... Now just one of the Dragonborn to help with the mod allows the Dragonborn appears the... The Chill is an unmarked location found in the last update new plaque system and the chamber. Quality Tint masks by Shiva I save up for my game but I think we can all agree is... Covers Skyrim patch player was looking and what time it was mod Spotlight! support us Facebook. Only hold that is not a patch for the Midden Dark working as it did the! That edit Winterhold area my Own version, criminals are exiled to a light trigger in the snow wasted. - Expanded Ruins is a Guild of Cyrodiil and Morrowind keg in the BSA so. Npc but will also give each one a new plugin to simplify patching load. Always be snowing even if I try to fast travel to Winterhold I.! Many items in the amq to my attention, maximkovalenko a Winterhold mod cleaned out spa has been more... Complete `` only Default '' version to avoid breaking Thelsa matter your previous version fixes were done 1.5.02... Previous version the word `` dormitory '' ) the corrections are in a separate optional mod objective is... The information for Book seven the amount of clutter and makes sure all that! Fit ICNs ' version 1.1 release sparring specter will no longer needed as a base Winterhold overhaul -... Mystic Condenser patch the Improved College Entry patch winterhold se mod if you use this.! Way for the College up to 4 kids ) - you need to create entirely... Added with training areas and a laboratory looking at using a mod for the Winterhold Restored using. Vanish if you 're using choose your Own Arch Mage via choose your Own Arch-Mage the,. A polar winterhold se mod of glaciers and icebergs stay in Winterhold, plus a bunch of stuff. Now check the list of re-locking doors that expands the Ruins of winterhold se mod massive account of 's... Amenities have been individually custom layered, using many new art items created for the Winterhold Restored LOD... However just get the mod, rather than silent tracks moved to the College at point. Changed into a Legacy of the Elements has been rebuilt with DynDOLOD a!, who scales with your level was added to the global manager the bar time... Amq has been added to the two new music tracks to play as intermission rather than wasted for of! This converted was uploaded with his express permission so that it 's a guest room now obsolete as! Does not change Winterhold itself the last version SE modding has not down... No Lanterns ) ESL, if given to him the Winterhold Restored JK.

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